Update: News from Foto Freo

To keep you all up to date we are planning to post news and updates on this site so you are kept up to date with our progress as a group. In this first instance our contact with Foto Freo is all important, after all, that’s where this project was born.

Recently Dawne was in touch with Foto Freo Festival Manager, Laura Beilby. Obviously Foto Freo has huge potential for an exhibition like The Australian Family and Laura thought so, too, as part of her reply below confirms.

…. Thank you for sending me all the documentation to date – the project shows a real promise! ……

The FotoFreo core shows are on invitation only but we are always on the lookout for interesting projects that need to be shown, especially if they were born in Australia, as a result of FotoFreo! …..

Recognising the importance and value of an exhibition such as The Australian Family identifies that interest in the family is important to everyone and that the family unit is also a reflection of our society. Through this kinetic social structure we see the ramifications of our past, the emergence of the future and, most of all, we see something of ourselves. Families are relevant, family is important.

Photo festivals like Foto Freo are important, too, because these festivals showcase not only photographers but the important messages that photographers strive to bring into view and into perspective.



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