Update: A night with the Festival Directors

Wow! A great week with a few announcements.

Last night, Dawne and I attended a Head On event presentation by the Festival Directors from Australia’s leading photographic festivals, including l-r, Jeff Moorfoot (BIFB), Linda Groom (VIVID), Bob Hewitt (FOTO FREO), Moshe Rosenzveig (HeadOn) and Maurice Ortega (QFP). Alistair Foster (Australian Centre for Photography) chaired the forum.

The presentation was excellent and detailed an insight into the nation’s largest photographic festivals including statistics and issues with program development. Most importantly these dedicated individuals outlined key initiatives for the future of Australian photographic festivals, There are exciting developments underway in this industry which is an essential area of visual communication for the language of photography.

Following the presentation Dawne presented several of the convenors with the Australian Family project information and included details on photographers confirmed to date and the curatorial panel.

Each were impressed by the project, and Linda expressed an interest in possibly purchasing images from the project after it was completed.

Moshe Rosenzveig has agreed to join the curatorial panel, and Dawne received an email from David Lloyd saying he would like to be part of the panel.

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