Defining the Contemporary Australian Family project

We have received a series of questions relating to the project. To assist with this we are hoping to answer a number of questions where possible and will post these to the site as we progress. Some of the questions so far are answered here:

Q. Can movies be included in the project?
A. We understand this is the “in thing” currently, but we are only asking for stills, as it would just complicate the project too much.

Q. What is the theme for the project?
A. We are asking for documentary images that suit the theme of the Contemporary Australian Family.

Q. Can we define Contemporary?
A. Contemporary is not the style of photograph, but relates to the family itself: and who makes up their family members (may not even be a blood relation etc).

Q. Is it necessary to have a model / text release.
A. It will be necessary to have model release for all photographs made, and for all texts that accompany photographs.  A model and text release will be loaded to this blog soon for everyone to download.

Q. Is there a Written Statement available that we can use to identify ourselves as partaking in the project?
A. Photographers should direct participating families to the Written Statement on the blog so that they can then learn about the participating photographers, to understand the project and its aims. You can download the Project Statement at this link – Project Brief

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