Dawne Fahey wins Nadar Prize

Dawne Fahey received a congratulatory email notifying she had won the Nadar Award in Photography for Students, and also First Category Prize for Fine Art. So essentially two prizes.

The prizes are:

The announcement is:

Dawne wins a round trip to the USA from Australia, and participation in a Santa Fe photography workshop of  choice, and $1000 USA for the Nadar Award, and $300 USA for fine art prize as first prize!!!

In an email Dawne stated the obvious, “I am over the moon, what wonderful news!!!! and it was for a photograph that was in my exhibition of aerial photos of the northern beaches!!! which i completed whilst completing my master of documentary photography at SCA late last year.”

Huge congratulations go to Dawne. No doubt we have a number of award winners within our group of photographers, again adding to the strength of the talent on board with the Contemporary Family Project.

Pittwater Boats by Dawne Fahey wins the Nadar Award

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