Momento joins the Family project

We are thrilled to announce that Dawne Fahey has confirmed a major sponsorship contribution from the Sydney-based book publishing company Momento. Confirmation of the generous sponsorship was received today and Momento will be involved with sponsorship for the Family Project book through to 2013 as below.

The book specs as we see them are:

  • Regular Landscape Hardcover book (297 x 210)
  • Printed Hardcover with up to 200 pages each.

Furthermore, Momento will make additional copies available for purchase via the Momento Shop ( at a special price until 31 January 2013.

Momento provides you with an easy and fun way to make sure your favourite photos last a lifetime with a range of premium printed products including photobooks, diaries, note books, calendars and greeting cards.

Photograph © Vanessa Wiggins

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