visit PhotoMerchant

We are thrilled to announce a major sponsorship contribution from the Sydney-based company, PhotoMerchant, the online website developers who provide photographers with the tools they need to manage their photography business on the Internet. PhotoMerchant can:

  • Provide intelligence in the areas of business and financial management,
  • Offer a range of tools to aid in sales, marketing and increased productivity,
  • Engage with our customers, partners and industry practitioners to integrate best practice principles into a sustainable workflow, and by
  • Using their professional experiences in web production and internet marketing to aid our professional goals.

Confirmation of the generous support was received last week. By way of their contribution, PhotoMerchant will provide unlimited access to their robust website infrastructure tools for our online photographer & exhibition galleries. As a part of the website infrastructure PhotoMerchant also offers the ability for the project to include a sound financial interface that can be used for merchandising and the like as required.

We are very pleased to welcome PhotoMerchant into our Family.


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