Congratulations to all photographers and Thank You!

Photograph © Aileen_Hubbard_5

Photograph © Aileen_Hubbard

Our many thanks and congratulations all round to all photographers. We can now confirm that stage one, shooting the project, is now complete and it could not have been completed without everyone’s efforts to date.

It is very exciting that all the photographs from the Contemporary Australian Family Photography Project are now with our talented curators (Lisa, Moshe, David and Jules) who are now entrusted with the difficult task of choosing two photographs from the total number of photographs submitted from each participating photographer. Their final selection will then be printed, courtesy of Fujifilm, for the exhibition. In addition to this task, the curators will also choose eight images from the submissions to create a strong and coherent photo-essay of the family you have photographed. These photo essays will appear in the book publication. We have settled on the number 8 for the photo essay as it will mesh nicely with the total number of pages in the final book production (200 A4 pages), courtesy of Momento Books.

I would also like to say a big thank you to the following people: Jason Tsui (chartered accountant), who is also a keen photographer and who has agreed to become the accountant for the project. Likewise, our thanks also to Lari Gadza who has agreed to undertake multimedia production for the project. You may see some of her work at this link: (

Thanks also to Joel Rainford for her efforts as the Melbourne regional coordinator, for negotiating our first outdoors screenings of the multimedia production of the Australian Family photographs to run 10 times per day for the duration of Foto Freo festival (to coincide with our exhibition for Foto Freo) at the Piazza at Northbridge. This will also screen at Federation Square, Melbourne (date to be confirmed). Jim Filmer has also agreed to become our South Australian Regional Coordinator and will join Lynn Gail (WA) and Melissa Anderson (QLD). We still have a vacancy for regional coordinators in both the Northern Territory and Tasmania.

Steve and I also met with key people from Australian Business Arts Foundation and Louise Walsh, Artsupport, Australia Council last week to discuss business and funding opportunities for the Family Project. Notably, the sponsorship we have secured to date qualifies us to apply to register with the Australia Cultural Fund. More on this as it unfolds.

The launch of the World Family Photography Project (2012-2014) was also announced last week. The outcome for this project is different to the Contemporary Australian Family Photographic Project although there is the obvious similarity, the focus on families. The project has been rolled out as a moderated group on Flickr, with an anticipated production of a series of book publications featuring the world family photographs at the end of 2012, 2013, and 2014. There has already been overseas interest from photographers and photographic agency photographers to participate in this project, so please pass it on to any fellow photographers overseas that you know might be interested (

That’s it for now, we hope we have covered everything.

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