Sydney is now confirmed to show at Momento Showrooms during HeadOn Photo Festival 2012.

We can now confirm that The Contemporary Australian Family Photographic Project will be on show at Momento Showrooms in Chippendale Sydney during the Head On Photo Festival. This is wonderful news and strengthens our relationship with Momento, who are of course our sponsor for the book publication. More information in the New year to confirm dates, etc.

We have also been working with Arts Law who have applied best practice principles so that all the photographers rights who are participants in the project are protected. The draft was finished yesterday and as soon as Dawne receives it, she will email it out to each of you. You will need to sign it and have it witnessed (partner, friend etc will do) and then either scan it and email it back or post it back to Dawne with some urgency. The final draft thankfully is only 3 pages long and has gotten rid of most of the legalese speak in it, but it is a necessary document to protect your rights as a participating photographer in the project.

In the New Year you will all be advised what images were chosen by the curators for the print and the book publication for the project. They will be listed in the Schedule for the photographic Licence you will receive.

Julian Burnside has also written his introduction to the book and he has done you all proud. His words speak to the range and breath of the family’s photographed and are thought provoking. So thank you Julian for your wonderful efforts.

We can also now announce some wonderful news. A not for profit company is currently being established, which will administer The Contemporary Australian Family Photographic Project, so that all funds raised from the sale of the book, goes directly towards funding the project, its publication and future exhibitions. More on this as it unfolds. An application to the Australia Cultural Fund is still being made, and a major fund-raising campaign will be announced in the New Year to raise much needed funds for our project. The not for profit will also be applying for charitable gift status to the ATO.

We hope you all have a safe Christmas and New Year with your families and friends.

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