Good news for Foto Freo

Our thanks goes to Bob Hewitt, Foto Freo Festival Director, who is locating the Contemporary Australian Family Photographic Project, exhibition and book launch as a Foto Freo “Special Festival Event”, which means he will feature it in the Foto Freo newsletter, and book store. So that is wonderful news for us. So please ensure you register for the  newsletter by registering at

The book has also now gone to print.  Momento Pro are thrilled with the book, and yesterday I saw a bound printed copy that they had prepared which looks absolutely stunning.  David Watson has advised that they will feature the book in the Momento Bookshop. He also advised that he and Kylie Lyons, who are both AIPP board members will be attending the launch at the Breadbox Gallery, which is lovely news. Many of you will know Kylie as a passionate advocate for photography, who was for many years the NSW AIPP President before stepping up to her current role as Vice President with the AIPP National Board. Our thanks also goes to AIPP for promoting the project through their newsletter this week to help the push to raise donations to the Australia Cultural Fund through AbaF. We appreciate AIPP support.

On Friday the exhibitions prints finally arrived in Perth, ready for the framer Chris McCombie (Leamac Picture Framing) to make the frames. Our thanks to Kevin Cooper from Fujifilm who organised for CPL Digital in Melbourne to print the exhibition prints.

Steve has also nearly finished the multimedia production and has done a great job on it. It will of course will be shown at the Piazza Outdoor Screen in Northbridge 10 times a day during the month of Foto Freo. Our thanks goes to Sarma (Miles) Gibson,  a talented song writer, lead singer and guitarist with his band, Faithful Horizon. Sarma and Faithful Horizon have allowed us to use several of their songs in the multimedia production. The DVD like the book will feature an ISBN. So thank you to Steve for your continued hard work, and to Sarma and Faithful Horizon (

Things are finally coming together, but of course there is still so much to be done. Please if you have not already attended to it, send your photos to Joel Rainford for her to process them ready to go onto the website. Our thanks to Joel for attending to this. Joel needs your photographs as soon as possible, as we are now only 3 weeks to the launch of the website and the exhibition in Perth.

And please, if you have not done so already, please promote the exhibition and book through your own social networking sites to push the drive for donations to the Australia Cultural Fund through Abaf, and/or please email dawne to place your order for the book for either yourself, or the families you photographed for the project who will want to continue to support your photography.

Please find below the invitation to the exhibition, once again designed by Adam Fahey Designs. Please see the PDF below for the invitation for you to download it and forward it on to your supporters to attend the exhibition launch or exhibition.

The Family Project Invitation PDF

The print and book launch at the Breadbox Gallery, will be attended by the W.A. Minister for Culture and the Arts, Hon John Day, MLA.

It is with great pleasure that it can now be announced that the Minister for Culture and the Arts (WA), the Hon John Day, MLA, will attend the launch of the print exhibition and book publication for the Contemporary Australian Family Photographic Project on March 15th at the Breadbox Gallery.  A Policy Advisor will also accompany him.  This is lovely news for us. The media will be invited to preview the exhibition on the morning of the 15th, to maximise the success of the project, both for the launch and during the exhibition.

Our thanks also goes to Joel Rainford and Maurizio Salvati who on Friday went to CPL digital printing in Melbourne to check the test prints for the print exhibition. CPL were given the go ahead to print this early this morning, and once they are ready, they will be shipped to Perth to Chris McCombie from Leamac Picture Framing, ready for him to frame.

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It’s all happening

I am pleased to announce that the book is now with Momento who are doing a test print this week, and they have just advised how pleased they are with how the book looks, which is great news and a credit to everyone for the work that has gone into it.

So please help the project fully realise its goals and support the photographers by either making a donation to the Australia Cultural Fund through AbaF (, or ordering a copy of the book.

Please email to order your copy of the book today, or to order a copy for the  family whose lives have been portrayed by our photographers.

Fujifilm have also organised for the photographs to be printed in Melbourne ( CPL will do a test print of the photographs – and our thanks go to Joel Rainford who will check them before the final prints are completed.

And our Perth framer Chris McCombie from Leamac Picture Framing ( is now waiting to receive them so he can do his part for us.

So watch this space for further announcements, and more photographic teasers leading up to the opening in Perth.





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