Looking at the Family in Photography – A discussion panel

Fier Institute is proud to announce a discussion panel to be moderated by Alasdair Foster on Looking at the Family in Photography will be featured at Sydney College of the Arts on May 24th. It will include John Godfrey, Dawne Fahey, Vanessa Wiggins and Cim Sears. It will be a lively discussion, and a great event where the proceeds will be used to help fund the Family Project. For further details please go to: http://eventbrite.com.au/event/3557333079

A new group titled: Contemporary Photography Projects has been initiated on Linkedin. So if you are a Linkedin member and have a desire to be involved in future photographic projects, or be involved in discussions about contemporary photography projects please join in the conversations that are to come.

My thanks goes to the Perth participants for sharing their thoughts and experiences of being involved in the Family Project. Your comments are valued. For other participants who would like to share their experiences of being involved in the project – a survey will be sent to you directly.

April Ward:
“Having the project to focus on helped consolidate a body of work for me. The knowledge that curators would be involved was great because it is invaluable to be critiqued by respected members of photographic community

The staging of exhibition and launch meant that a wider audience had access to my work that I would not have been able to put together myself. The feedback has helped further my profile and encouraged me to do more within my field. I have also met and connected with more of my peers and now feel part of a network.
The book has been a wonderful showcase for my work and has meant a lot to the subjects that they are important enough to be featured. They are very proud.
Knowing that the institute has been established makes me feel proud and honored to give back to the community by way of my art and I feel as though it has given the project greater respect and importance.

Having the exhibition appear in two states at major festivals is great for my profile. Also having the book held at the national gallery makes me a part of photographic Australian history. There have only been positives for me by being involved on this project”.

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