Photographer’s Story (50 words). Based on the original request for 50 words about the project.

All photographers must submit a story based on the project/s they have been shooting. Information to include:

  • the family’s location/s
  • the relevant relationships within the family
  • the problems en-counted while shooting the project

My relationship with my family is non-existent – mainly due to distance – so my focus is on the family next door and in particular the relationship between mother and daughter. I have known them for ten years and have noticed many similarities between them. As the years pass I also noticed that they are almost twins in the way they interact.

What I wanted to achieve was not to capture the similarity between them (although that was important) but to identify where the importance of their relationship reflects their cultural tradition.

They live in Sydney so access was regular although not without its problems. The daughter has now married so her commitments with her new life did affect the shoot to some extent.

Family’s Story: Approximately 100 words
Family’s are encouraged to submit stories about their family. This information could include:

  • the importance of their family
  • how they felt about being a part of the project
  • the problems en-counted while shooting the project

We thought is was unusual at first, to photograph my daughter and I for this project. It seemed like fun and the photographer explained the cultural considerations. We’re just a normal family but my daughter and I are close and we do look alike, too. And we are often together, mostly on weekends when my daughter’s husband is working.

I think what is important about family is that we are there for each other regardless. We are very close and talk every day. I know some families don’t talk at all but we do.

Photographers Biography: Short & brief.
An abridged curriculum vitae – a list of career highlights (maximum 100 words):

  • Exhibitions/awards
  • achievements etc.

Steve Marshall is a self-taught photographer with over 25 years experience in travel, architecture and street photography. Today he shoots exclusively on the streets. He has held several major exhibitions including:
– CITY of STREETS: HeadOn Photo Festival, Sydney 2011
– CREEKS: Walter Reid Cultural Centre, Rockhampton 2010; Mill Gallery Yeppoon 2009
– VENICE: Chifley Tower 2010
– Beach to Bourke: Angle Restaurant, Sydney 2010

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